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Empowering The Victims

Free You Be You was created by producers Shirley Pierce and Angus Ledgerwood with David Mace-Kaff and Lauren-ann Smith of Evolve Film Productions along with other Gold Coast filmmakers, actors and dancers.  They are standing with the victims of bullies.  It's their heartfelt way of letting them know how special they are and that they are not alone.  If one child is saved or one heart is mended, it is worth it.

Free You Be You

Free You Be You empowers the victims of bullies by spreading the message that they have the power to free themselves and that their pride in who they are is the best defense.  We're using dance to deliver this message because it's the perfect medium to celebrate the spirit of freedom that every bullying victim wants and deserves. The style of dance we're using is a joyful and liberating hip-hop.

The story of the video follows three young people who are the victims of merciless bullying.  A series of cyber, physical and racial bullying pushes them each to hate themselves until they regain their self-esteem and are joined in a proud and joyous celebration of people who dance with them in a universal show of love and support.

The Song

The song for Free You Be You was written by Amber Arnold when she was the victim of bullies.  Although she was 9 years old when she wrote the song, the words resonate for bully victims of all ages.

Thanks To Our Amazing

Cast and Crew!

The Free You Be You Team would like to thank the over 300 people who came together, gave up their time and energy for the shooting of the Free You Be You Anti-Bullying awareness music video! The project would not have been possible without your heartfelt support. Thank you!

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